Story Elements Dice Activity


So I meant to have heart day activities on my next blog, however it is now past Valentine’s Day! Go figure! It seems like right before a holiday it is always my busiest time. I will make sure to hopefully have these up for next Valentine’s. I am sorry if you’re looking forward for some ideas. I think most of you will appreciate it being posted before Valentine’s Day next year, so I will have it up at that time.
Therefore, today I will post a story elements activity using dice. Kids in grade school are always working on story comprehension. Sometimes this skill can be very challenging and even sometimes boring for kids because it is something that they have to do a lot after they read a story.

Skill level: K-5th

***for those of you who just have a preschooler, don’t be discouraged that this activity is for an older child. I think the best thing to do for a preschooler to get them thinking about characters, setting, sequence of events, etc. is to continue to read books to them and talk about some of these story elements with them. Also, making popsicle stick characters and acting out a story is fun to do too! (Fun for all ages actually!) You can either make your own and make up a story or he or she can use characters from stories you have read and make those characters.***

Here is one for the three little pigs I found on this website!

I will tell you that you do not have to use a game die if you do not want to. You can look into ordering an inflatable story elements cube through a supplier. Here is a website that shows what one looks like:

In my opinion, I think these tend to be expensive. I also think they work best if you have a big group of children you’re doing this with and you’re sitting in a big circle going through the story elements.
Another thing you can do is look up on Google images how to make a paper cube, and there are templates you can print and cut out. Then, you can label it with whatever story elements you want.

Here is the dice activity I came up with.

Items you’ll need:
-a game die (you can get a of dice at dollar tree)
-any good fiction children’s book that would interest your child (We read Wemberly Worried by Kevin Henkes)
-worksheet to go with it: StoryElementsDiceActivity

1. Decide how you want the book read. Sometimes it is better for the child to read it to you, for you to read it together, or for you to read it to the child.
2. After you finish reading the book, get the worksheet out, and have your child write the title of the story.
3. Then have he or she rolled the game die and whatever at lands on have them look at their worksheet to see what story element goes with the number they rolled on the game die. (I.e. If they roll a one, then they tell you who the characters are in the story.)
4. After they tell you the answer for that story elements, have them either draw a picture or write the answer on their worksheet.



5. If they roll a number again, have them roll the die until they get a different number. In the end, they should have answered the following for the story: characters, setting, problems, solutions, beginning, middle, and end.

This is a very simple activity as you can see. The reason why I wanted to post this is because from my experience of working with children, comprehension is a skill many kids have a harder time with because it is either challenging or boring. Most kids like using dice, so when you make this a little bit of a game, they can connect with it more!

If you have a very creative child, use this worksheet to have them make up their own story!


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